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hairline image-2.jpg

                                   Hairline Restoration



The best natural-looking hairline tattoo treatment is by Rebecca Chung at Princessbrows, we recommended a hairline Tattoo for hair loss after Chemotherapy, alopecia or receding hairline after pregnancy. 


It’s the side effect-free solution for uneven hairlines. And the semi-permanent mineral pigment used in scalp tattooing is anti-allergy tested, non-bleeding and resistant to colour change. Without the worrying about the cons.

After the consultation, we will use cosmetics pencils, finds the perfect hairline shape for you.  The result is so natural, you feel heavenly happy to have much more hair right after the procedure.  




After care for Hairline Restoration


-Do NOT wash, rub or touch your head for a minimum of 3 days after each session.


-Avoid sweating. Those trips to the sauna or gym will have to wait.


-On day 4 you can wash your head with water only in the treated area.


-On day 7 you can cleanse your head using a gentle facial cleanser.


-For 30 days you MUST avoid heavy sweating, exfoliating, any scalp abrasion and prolonged exposure to strong UV rays (sunlight). The tanning booth is also a no go.




Princessbrows’ semi-permanent hairline tattoo for hair loss treatment,


Price based on assessment and follow-up appointments, is available at

Or contact us at 27990800. Call for a free consultation now !


* Duration of the hairline tattoo treatment depends on the skin color of the area and lifestyle.

Booking fee of HKD2000 will be taken upon booking your semi-permanent permanent make up appointment.

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