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We run widely recognised permanent makeup training courses at our academy – for all levels of technician.

Whether you’re just starting out, or whether you’re looking to build on your existing skills, we have the training programme for you.


Manual & Machine Technique Glam-Start Programme      

(Princessbrows Microblading Technique, Blink Eyeliner, Perfect Lips)   


For those of you embarking on a new career in permanent make-up the Glam-Start will equip you with the professional expertise and supplies your need to begin your career course.

our advanced programme


Option compared to the Glam Start Programme gives you the additional benefit of advancing your expertise through our career-enhancing mentoring programme. You’ll also gain entry into our conference seminars and you’ll receive an upgraded starter kit.

one-to-one confidence programme


As a unique opportunity for you to refresh subject areas that you’ve forgotten, want to improve upon, or perhaps, want to approach with a completely new prospective. Just tell your trainer the subject areas you want to refresh and she’ll teach you how to master them.

One-to-One Confidence classes can be taken using any system so we can focus on your specific needs and build your confidence quickly – increasing your personal fulfilment and success with clients.

This programme has an emphasis on practical applications.

course content :


The course covers the below list of topics to ensure we are delivering the highest quality students within the industry: 


Introduction to permanent make up    

Colour and pigment theory

Make up application

Anatomy of skin

Tool, machines and products

Sanitation and sterilization , hygiene

Client consultation

Consent form

Skin preparation

Procedure experience

After care



ongoing :


All graduates from Princessbrows semi-permanent make up Academy will entitled to a LIFE LONG FULL SUPPORT on her semi-permanent makeup career.


Why we do that?

We believe that leaving the classroom does not mean your training is finished. You will always encounter more difficult problems ahead when facing real clients. Our graduates are always welcome to get back to us for any questions they encounter after leaving Princessbrows' classroom.




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