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Hair Follicle Simulation Technology​


What is Hair Follicle Simulation Technology?                                            



The underlying concept of the HFS (Hair Follicle Simulation) technology involves penetrating pigment into the scalp to create the illusion of short hair follicles. Until recently, the standard method for introducing pigment into the scalp was by insertion, using only a single needle, in a long, painful and time-consuming process that produced average to below average results.

The NPM patented revolutionary roller is now replacing use of the needles and shortening treatment time by 90%, with remarkably accurate appearance as a hair follicle.




















What are the roller's advantages?


Latest technologies and extensive was invested in the development of our HFS roller in order to achieve completely natural and long-lasting results.

The process, which until now had taken many hours and countless sessions, has now been reduced to one, short treatment.

The only soloution in the world to fill in thinning areas for women, since it is nearly impossible to fill in an entire scalp with such density using only one needle and between existing hair.

Simulated density can be established by a different number of repetitions on the treatment area.

Immediate results within less than one hour. 

Improves self-confidence and provides a younger, fresher appearance.

The only revolutionary technology of its kind in the world.  Patent No. 61-561-949.

In many and proven cases, new hair growth is visible see and in thinning areas, renews growth is visible.





















Who can benefit from this treatment?                  


The treatment is suitable for anyone suffering from thinning hair, blading or women with hair loss.

In addition, treatment is ideal for patients with alopecia.





When should treatment be repeated?


Treatment should be repeated on average once a year to 1.5 years, depending on other data such as prolonged exposure to sun and level of scalp lubricants, etc.





Is the treatment painful?


Treatment is accompanied by a little bit of discomfort.  A comfort cream is used before and during the treatment.  The treatment is reasonable and can be administered without fear.





What are the treatment instructions after the simulation process?



The instructions should be carried out ten days after treatment.

Showering is possible two hours after treatment.

Exposure to the sun is prohibited.

Do not bathe in the ocean or pool for at least 10 days.

Do not use a Jacuzzi for the same time period.

Use of a sauna is strictly prohibited.

Do not itch or peel in the treatment area.

Apply a cream following the cosmetician's recommendation twice a day for ten days.





Booking fee of HKD2000 will be taken upon booking your semi-permanent permanent make up appointment.

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